Social Media

Why keep your company active in Social Media?


The presence of small and medium-sized companies on social media is a matter of necessity in order to contribute to its development. At present, the 43% from world’s population have access to social media as well as th ability of knowing new companies. Thus, it is necessary to share with thousands of followers an efficient and interesting Social Media Content for the users to identify with it.

What effect I will see at the company?

Words7Media takes your company to social media’s world creating the perfect content for your brand to be led to the suitable public. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter o YouTube. Select the social network as a means of showing your services and updates to the public.

An strategy will be carried out exclusively for your purpose. In this way, your website will get:

Greater Traffic for your website

Another advantage to keep in mind in Social Networks is the one of getting a greater Network Traffic for your website. Keeping a suitable traffic is of great importance in order to let the company grow in the Digital Media.

Larger Website Ranking

Being in Social Networks is also beneficial for the Website Ranking in Google. The website company will be better positioned if the Social Media Content is of high-quality and it should be carried out in a continuous basis.

New clients

Through shared content in Social Networks, it is easier to get a better analysis about the public interested in the company's products. Gender, age or country are come of the information that can be known through them. Bearing in mind Words7Media's services, it would be easier to know perfectly the type of audience in which you should be focused on.

Strengthen your brand

Social Networks enhance your high level business objectives and brand image. Nowadays a social networks is one of the most important Social Media in order to be a recognised as a company. Words7media Social Media team will work with the aim of taking your brand and business to a high level throughout a Social Media Content strategy.

Zero-cost advertising

Carrying out a social network high-quality strategy is not as easy as it may seem. Creating a noteworthy Organic Content in order to attract customers requires a great work, In Words7Media we work so your product's and services advertising be able to reach the wanted public without any need of Payment Campaigns.