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Why use the Words7Media transcriptions?


The world of words can be complicated if you are not a professional in the area. That is why, in Words7Media we want to break ground in the digital content being your company the main character of the text.

Or main aim is to create your digital content throughout your own words. That is, we will create the text you will be proud of producing throughout a professional transcription. This way, your essence and words would reach your goal: your clients, readers and users all around.

What do you get with a transcription?

The transcription would be carried out by website content experts. Furthermore, the process will be created with great accuracy thanks to the professionalism of our team. A group f people who have the best skills in order to ensure that the whole process has the result desired by the client.

Among the possible transcriptions abilities, Words7Media can help you with the following:

  • Express in a document something said.
  •   Distribution of writings, news, dossiers, content run on a meeting, interview, etc.
  • Information research in a digital library in easiest and quickest way. By transcribing an audio in a text, the whole discourse will be avoided by focusing just on the main topic needed.

Three steps will give you a transcribed audio:


Send us your video or audio via whatsapp or email.


We will work on the transcription in the most natural way possible.


We will send you’re the transcription.