Why do you need translations of your content in different languages?


Globalisation is a fact and more and more visible each day that is why the companies want to expand their market to other places in the world. For this reason, from Words7media we want to provide the required service in order to take the products to all the corners of the planet.

What do you get with a propoer translation?

A precise translation is necessary to get a closer approach to the new user interested in the customer’s services. The correct use of the words, sentences and cultural expressions of the country are necessary to get to the wanted public. 

That is why, Words7media has professional translators all around to make from your business a great success.


Three steps in order to get the best translation for your website. First of all, we focus on the different sections that are included in your website, that is, the home page, about us and services. The second step is to work on your website content as news, articles or blogs. Finally, legal content translation as selling conditions, privacy policies, usage terms, etc.


As much as big companies as medium-sized ones that are in full swing, they all want to translate their mobile apps. In Words7Media, we will help you to translate your company mobile app so the users can get into it without having to take a laptop.


Mobilisation is getting higher and more and more foreigners are living in countries all around the world. That is why, big companies want all their clients to know their products and descriptions that are offered through out their catalogues.