Web/e-commerce design

Why bring your business online with Words7Media?


The internet has become a powerful communication channel which must be taken advantage of it fully. However, many companies do not believe in the priority of running their business to the online world or perhaps because they do not see and know the possibilities that exist to improve the company’s communication with providers, customers and employees.

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Web development agency

Coporative Web

Personalized and easy website to get more interactivity with your users. Achieve more with us.


Your e-commerce created to your needs. We offer experience to your users to provide the perfect products.

Web redesign

Improve and update your website. We review your website, work it and improve it. Changes of 100%.

What do I get having my business on the?

Digital communication is necessary to build your reputation and visibility on the internet in opossition to your competitors. Bringing your products and services known and to attract new customers with just one click. With our team working on your website, you will get a presence on the network against your competitors:

Compete with other companies

To be present in the net allows companies to compete on an equality basis with other companies in the same sector. Users, when are searching for a product or service, do so through Google or any online browser.

Interactions with other Internet channels

Internet presents several channels that allow a better communicative interaction with the customers: e-mail, social media and others. It provides great satisfaction to clients by being available 24 hours/day.

Less costs and more efectivity

The price of marketing online is much cheaper than traditional media marketing and advertising. Investing in a website to promote the business is more efficient and the results can be accurately monitorized.

Get new potential customers

Potential customers look for online opportunities to get information or products in exchange for sharing their data with the company.

Way for getting a greater coverage

Words7Media will create a way of outreach to an audience of immense magnitude. It will present a line of communication and information that is always open.